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It is estimated that 40 percent of all websites are built with WordPress templates. Its open-source architecture and no-coding approach has made Internet commerce easily accessible for people all over the world.

Unfortunately, the success of WordPress has also made it a widespread target for cybercrime.

SiteSafeWP is a set of custom-developed cybersecurity and file management tools for administrators and site managers who do not have advanced coding and development skills.

SiteSafeWP installs easily and operates continuously in the background, standing guard over your intellectual property, sensitive data, ecommerce functionalities, NFTs, digital assets, and cloud-based environments you rely on to conduct your business.

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Code-Based Defense

WordPress templates are simple to build and customize, but make no mistake, they use sophisticated technologies to operate so simply. WordPress sites contain:

    • PHP code, its basic language

    • Themes (bundles of PHP, CS and JS files)

    • Plugins (bundles of PHP, CS and JS files)

    • Web servers used for visitors (Apache, Nginx, etc.)

    • The database used (MySQL/MariaDB)

    • Ecommerce plugins which interact with your bank or other platforms

    • And many more technologies, depending on your site’s functionalities

Security vulnerabilities can occur with any plugin you have, any code you use, and any database connected to your site. A site is only as secure as its weakest link. SiteSafeWP provides powerful protection at all points of access and across all functionalities for WordPress sites of any size.

Every organization—large and small—has some vulnerability to cyberattacks. Cybersecurity threats are increasing and will only get worse. Malware, including ransomware, spyware, and trojans; phishing; denial of service attacks; SQL injection attacks; DNS tunneling; password attacks by bots, and many other variations of cybercrime are becoming more sophisticated, more frequent, and more successful every year.

These cyberattacks can destroy your website—and stop your income—in seconds. A backup may not be able to repair the damage.


Cyberattacks are crimes. We treat them accordingly.

Our team has studied cyberattack vulnerabilities found in WordPress and connected cloud-based environments for years. The result is SiteSafeWP an iron-clad security solution developed specifically for WordPress sites.

Cyber criminals seek to disrupt your business, steal your intellectual property, or harvest sensitive data from your server, such as Social Security numbers.

    • SiteSafeWP detects multiple 404 (page not found) messages. These are bots seeking access to your pages and admin panel. They are immediately locked out and the IP addresses are permanently blocked.

    • SiteSafeWP scans all email attachments and files for anomalies.

    • SiteSafeWP locks your media folder against all unauthorized visitors.

    • SiteSafeWP is continuously updated to protect against known threats.

    • SiteSafeWP generates up-to-the-minute reports and notifications on attempted security breaches or suspicious activity.

How SiteSafeWP Work For You

SiteSafe brings file management and security together in one easy-to-use pluign.

Secure File Protection

Cyberattacks occur many times through dangerously encrypted files. A script the size of a pixel can create havoc and destroy your business. SiteSafeWP continuously scans files of every kind for code that does not belong.

Custom File Organizer

World-class security begins with organization. A well-ordered file management system helps guard against cybercriminals.

Protect Your Media Library

Your images, audio, video, PDFs, and every other file on your site is vulnerable to attacks. SiteSafeWP locks your media library against all vulnerabilities.

Hide From Search Engines

SiteSafeWP lets you choose which pages search engines can index. Perhaps you have private content, or you update pages regularly and don’t want search engines to display outdated content. Whatever your reason, SiteSafeWP lets you decide.

3rd Party Syncing

SiteSafeWP gives you secure one-click backup and synchronization with Google Drive, Dropbox, PayPal, or other sites you may use. Backups and synchronizations are recorded in a timeline and available to you at any time.

Prevent Hotlinking

SiteSafeWP prevents unauthorized embedding of your images or files by linking it to your site. This practice compromises your security, infringes on your intellectual property rights, and can cause problems in your site’s performance. SiteSafeWP puts you in control of links you allow.


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Create an e-commerce, digital storefront site with tools for PayPal integration, single click sales, and coupon management.

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A digital asset manager to create and edit files, including support for previewing video and audio.

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What our clients say is extremely
important to us

I've been using Sitesafe for a while now, and it's made managing our digital files a breeze. The drag and drop module for instant uploads is incredibly convenient, and the ability to add multiple file versions with unique data sets has streamlined our file organization. The security features, such as redirecting unauthorized users to a '404 Page Not Found,' give me peace of mind. Sitesafe is a must-have for anyone serious about digital file management.

Sarah TMarketing Manager

Sitesafe has truly revolutionized the way we protect and manage our website's media files. The automatic generation of private URLs and IP-based access restrictions provide an added layer of security that we were desperately in need of. Plus, the customization options, like the 'no access page,' allow us to maintain a professional user experience. I highly recommend Sitesafe for any website owner looking to secure their digital assets.

Michael LWeb Developer

As a small business owner, Sitesafe has been a game-changer for me. I can easily categorize and tag all my digital files, and the role-based controls allow me to grant specific access to my team while restricting others. The option to block Google and other search engines from indexing our files is a fantastic feature, ensuring our proprietary content remains private. Sitesafe has simplified file management and enhanced our website's security.

Emily SSmall Business Owner

Since I started using Sitesafe, I've seen a significant improvement in our website's file management. The PRO features, like syncing with third-party storage systems and creating a digital storefront with PayPal integration, have taken our online business to the next level. The digital asset manager and mobile apps for tracking user downloads and product sales are invaluable tools. Sitesafe has become an indispensable part of our e-commerce operation.

John PE-commerce Entrepreneur

Sitesafe has made it easy to protect our digital assets and prevent unauthorized access. The platform's user-friendly interface and powerful features, such as preventing image hotlinking, give us the confidence that our files are secure. The ability to customize and tailor the access controls according to user roles is a big plus. If you want to take control of your website's files and media, Sitesafe is the solution you need

Lisa MIT Manager

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What is this product, and what does it do?

This product is a comprehensive digital file management solution. It simplifies the process of uploading, categorizing, tagging, and managing all your digital files. It offers features like drag and drop uploads, version control, security measures, and customization options to enhance the management of your digital assets.

Can I add multiple versions of same file with different data sets?

Yes, you can add multiple versions of files with distinct data sets, such as download counts and file links. This is useful for tracking and managing different iterations of your digital assets.

How do I upload files with this product?

You can easily upload files by using the intuitive drag and drop module for instant uploads. Simply drag your files into the designated area, and they will be uploaded to your system.

How does this product protect my website's media files?

This product safeguards your website’s media files, including documents (PDF, DOCX, PPTX), audio, and video (MP4, MP3), by placing them under a secure media library. Only administrators and the file’s author can access these files directly. Others will be redirected to a “404 Page Not Found” when attempting to access or download these file URLs.

Can I automatically generate private URLs for my files?

Yes, you can automatically generate private URLs to ensure controlled access to your files. This feature enhances security and allows you to share files with specific individuals or groups.

Is it possible to restrict access based on IP address?

Absolutely, this product offers IP address-based access restrictions, allowing you to specify which IP addresses can access certain files or content. This is a useful security feature to limit access to trusted sources.

Can I customize the "no access page"?

Yes, you can customize a “no access page” to display a personalized message or information when someone tries to access restricted content. This helps maintain a consistent user experience and communicates the reason for denied access

Is it possible to implement role-based access controls?

Yes, you can customize ‘Role-Based’ controls to grant specific users the ability to see and download files, while others are restricted from accessing them. This is useful for managing access privileges within your organization.

Can this product prevent search engines from indexing my files?

Yes, it has the capability to block Google and other search engines from indexing your files. This ensures that your digital assets remain private and are not publicly accessible through search engine results.

Does this product prevent image hotlinking?

Yes, it prevents image hotlinking, which means that unauthorized websites or users cannot display your images by linking directly to your files. This helps protect your digital assets from misuse.

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